Frequently Asked Questions

Destination Lane Club Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different membership levels?  What do they include?
We are happy to offer you 3 different membership levels with several different options to make this a club that works for everyone!

  • Standard Club  This is the signature Destination Lane Club!
    • Standard Club - includes 6 skeins of yarn and 6 bags for a total of 12 packages shipped throughout the year. $36.50 per month.
  • First Class Upgrade  there are three different ways to upgrade your club!
    • Double Yarn – includes 2 matching skeins of yarn with each yarn shipment, and one bag with each bag shipment for a total of 12 skeins of yarn and 6 bags throughout the year. $51 per month
    • Double Bag – includes 1 skein of yarn with each yarn shipment, and upgraded bags with each bag shipment – either larger bags or bags with matching accessories. $51 per month
    • Double Yarn and Bag – includes 2 matching skeins of yarn with each yarn shipment, and upgraded bags with each bag shipment – either larger bags or bags with matching accessories. $68 per month
  • Backpacker  on a tight budget? There are two ways to participate at only $18 per month!
    • Only Yarn - includes ONLY the yarn shipments.  You will receive 1 skein of yarn every other month throughout the year for a total of 6 skeins of yarn ONLY.  You will be billed every month, and only receive yarn every other month.
    • Only Bags – includes ONLY the bag shipments. You will receive 1 bag every other month throughout the year for a total of 6 bags ONLY. You will be billed every month, and only receive bags every other month.

All membership levels will receive:

  • Travel Dossier with pattern suggestions and place inspirations via Email
  • FREE Domestic Shipping
  • Coupons for both Destination Yarn and Erin Lane Bags
  • Access to the Destination Lane Facebook Group
  • Exclusive discounts on patterns from top designers
  • Access to every previous Destination Lane Exclusive colorway and fabric

When will I receive my yarn and bags?
Yarn will ship in odd numbered months - January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Bags will ship in even numbered months - February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Please note:  Jeanne is shipping the yarn from Cleveland, and Lindsey is shipping the bags from Tennessee, so your shipping times may vary.

You will receive shipping notifications from each business for your shipment to the email address you have provided.

When will my payment be processed?
Your payment will be processed on the 20th of every month until you cancel your subscription.

We understand that this means that there may be two payments made before you receive your first shipment, however, because of the payment processing software there isn't really a way to avoid this scenario.

What if I need to update/change my credit card?
You can log into your account and change your credit card at any time.  We know that cards get compromised and lost.  You are in complete control of which card is used and can update or change that information at any time in your account.

If for some reason a card is denied, the system will automatically try again up to 6 times over several days.  At the end of that time, your account will be cancelled.  When this happens you will have to resubscribe.  If you get a notification that your card has been declined, please log in and make sure the number, CVV, and all information is correct. This avoids any disruption in the shipping of all of your beautiful goodies!

What types of yarn and bags will I receive?
The yarn will be in a variety of weights from fingering through worsted depending on the suggested projects.  It is so fun to receive something different every month!  All of the yarn will be high-quality superwash merino wool or wool blends with several upgrades to cashmere, silk, or sparkle throughout the year.

The bags will all feature our traveling sheeple in our locale.  We will give you a variety of bags designed to work best with the yarn for that month and the suggested patterns. (You aren't likely to get a sweater bag for sock yarn because it's too big.)  If you choose to upgrade, you will receive two bags of different sizes.  This could be notions, ziplet or an extra drawstring bag in addition to the bag designed for the club.

What is a sheeple?
Sheeple are Erin.Lane's exclusive line of fuzzy friends.  Sheeple are simply sheep doing people things.  They dress up as your favorite characters and now they travel the world.  Sheeple can be found nowhere else but at Erin.Lane and the world traveling sheeple will only be seen in this club!

What if I need additional yarn to complete my project?
Additional yarn in the exclusive club colors will be available for purchase in limited quantities, however we are unable to guarantee dyelots.  Information on purchasing additional yarn, including suggestions for colorways to pair with your club exclusive, will be included in the Travel Dossier.

What if I would like to upgrade to a first class membership or adjust my membership level?
Membership level adjustments are dependent on availability.  If you would like to swap membership levels, you can do that also in your account!  Please note that we may or may not be able to accommodate that swap at that time.  If that is the case, please email us at, and we will put you on a list for the next available spot in your desired membership level.

If I don’t sign up for the club can I still buy the yarn or bags?
Nope!  Both the yarn colorways and the bag fabrics are completely exclusive to the club.  We will not be able to reproduce them for non-club members even if you love them and even if you beg.  Colorways and fabrics will not be released to the general public.

What if I don’t like the bag or the yarn?  Can I return or exchange it?
Part of the fun of the club is that it is an adventure!  Each month will be a fun surprise and a fantastic destination.

Because of the exclusivity of the club colorways and fabrics, we, unfortunately, are not able to accept returns except in the case of faulty products.  However, you are always welcome to destash it in the Facebook group – I’m sure someone will happily snag it!

Are patterns included?  What about extra items?
We want to keep this club as accessible as possible. So instead of an included pattern we will be offering an extensive list of recommended patterns that will work perfectly with the included yarn.

We have featured designers - and exclusive discounts on their patterns! - lined up for each destination of the club and are very excited to expand this portion of the Travel Dossier for the year.

As far as extras – we found that those really drove up the price of the club.  At this time they are not being offered.  However, if you really want to treat yourself we recommend choosing one of our Extra Leg Room options or go for the ultimate luxury and get the 1st Class Ticket!

Will you ship internationally?
Yes!  You will have to pay for shipping at a reduced rate.  It will be calculated at check out.

How do I join the Destination Lane 2023 Facebook Group?  Why am I still waiting to be approved?
In order to keep the Destination Lane Facebook Group exclusive we only allow current members access.  If you are a current member and would like to join you will need the password that was provided in an email from on January 1, 2024.  If you are pending approval and did not have the password please send us an email with your Facebook name as well as the email that you used to sign up for the club so that we can verify your membership.

What if I move during the course of the club or need to change my shipping address?

You can do that inside your account. However, since your payment is charged on the 20th of the month, you will need to confirm your shipping address prior to the 20th.  If you need to update your address after the 20th, you will need to contact us at  We will do our best to make sure your package arrives at its correct address; however, we cannot guarantee any changes if your address is updated after the 20th.  We HIGHLY recommend that if you are moving, you also have mail forwarding added to your mail at the USPS for a time, for not only this shipment, but also for any mail that might not make it to you correctly.   You can sign up for Mail Forwarding on the USPS website here: 

For all other questions about the club please contact and one of us will get back to you right away!